The Shadow's Guise

Battle of Crystal Lakes

After the first attack on Crystal Lakes, Musalis, the mystic, that showed up as a merchant with Gilton on the eve of the first attack shared with the party that an army of half men were headed to the town and would be arriving in about a month..

The party began fortifying the village immediately. They toiled tirelessly clearing the trees from around the village creating a kill zone. The also made a trench with spikes right in front of a trench of spikes. They added oil to top it all off. Those able to wear heavy armor formed chained shirts. All of the party members were able to have any weapon formed they needed.

During the month of prep, the party talked to Gilton and Musalis. Musalis told the party that long ago the Nephtali were a group of heroes that were able to stand against the shadow long ago. And through an ancient prophecy, the mystics and guardians in the City of the White Flame became aware that the Nephtali were born again and that ancient relics of power were passed down through the generations to those soon-to-be-needed heroes. Those heroes are you.

Musalis also shared this prophecy.

" From clear waters they were born
of bad times their birth’s warn.
The Nephtali must stand as one,
if any shall fall Light is undone.
Power will be their right
at the cost of the light."

The night of the battle soon approached and the party held the southern edge of town, were the bulk of the army was approaching. Musalis and Gilton held the eastern edge of town. Helm and the other villagers were responsible for any that came from the north. The lake kept any from coming in from the west.

During the first wave of attacks 30 half-men came at the party. 25 died to the various fortifications the party put together. The other 5 were put down in melee combat. Merri the barbarian although doing minimum damage was able to put down 3 of the beasts that the rest of the party was able to maim.

A week later the half-men made another attack. Another wave of 30 half-men, charged the small town. The fortifications took out 23 of the beasts. The party then heroically struck down the filth. After an hour a shadow-born attacked the party with an army 100 strong behind him attacked. The shadow born took alot of damage from the fortifications and fell into the spiked pit. The stuffed-bear carrying barbarian threw a tantrum and actually jumped on to the fell creature into the pit. The rest of the party struck out with range weapons. The druid then in wolf form jumped in and joined the fray.

The shadow born, very bloodied but healing every round, struck down the two in the pit and was headed up to dispatch the remaining two of the party only to be engulfed by a fireball from Musalis. Gilton then informed the party they could not stay. It was now clear to them that the Shadow knew that the Naphtali were born and united. The party would have to make their way to the City of the White Flame.

There were only two roads out of town, one leading to the forests and wildernesses of the land or south to the nearest village, White Bridge. The party sad to be leaving the home they knew and loved headed south.



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